Indian Society of Technical Education


          The Indian Society for Technical Education (ISTE) began with the first meeting of the Association of Principals of Technical Institutions in India was held at Delhi Polytechnic, Delhi on Monday 28th July 1941.


        The meeting of APTI(I) held at the University of Mysore,Mysore on Monday 27th May 1968 took a decision to change it as newly registered Society under the name "Indian Society for Technical Education".


           ISTE is a national, professional, non-profit making society registered under the Societies Registration Act of 1860. One of the major objectives of the ISTE is to assist and contribute in the production and development of top quality professional engineers and technicians needed by the industries and other organizations.


The ISTE possesses the objectives such as to:


  • Formulate and generate goals and responsibilities for technical education
  • Modify the curriculum and educational processes to changing conditions
  • Bring about effective linkage between technical institutions, industries and society etc.


Some of the major activities of ISTE are


  • 1. Curriculum developments and updating
  • 2. Seminars /Workshops/Conferences on topics of relevance to Technical Education.
  • 3. Preparation of directories on technical education faculty/expertise.
  • 4. Awards to chapters
  • 5. Awards to Students
  • 6. Assisting Technical Boards of State Government by providing vital inputs on technical etc.


There are the four grades of membership of the ISTE viz


  • 1. Honorary Fellow membership
  • 2. Institutional membership
  • 3. Life membership
  • 4. Annual membership




Secretary/Treasurer: Mr.M.Govindaraj, HOD / IT


The benefits of the ISTE memberships are

  • 1. Preference to attend short-term training programmes for the academic excellence and to become eligible for career advancement opportunities.
  • 2. Enhancing Competitive Spirit and urge to excel.
  • 3. Eligible to participate in chapter level, section level and National level conferences, workshops and other activities.
  • 4. Personality development.
  • 5. Professors/Retd.Professors who are ISTE Life members can apply for ISTE visiting professor scheme.
  • 6. Self-development and Networking etc.


              Our polytechnic college came under this valuable and interesting project on Friday the 4th February 2005 inaugurated by the Prof.P.Livingston Peter Goldwyn, M.E., M.B.A., Prinicipal, VLB Janakiammal Polytechnic College, Coimbatore in the presence of our Chairman,"Kalvivallal" Thiru.T.Kalasalingam, B.Com. All the staff members, both teaching and non-teaching, are the Life-Members of the ISTE.


                 Under this project our staff members are getting training and development programmes conducted in various Institutions by ISTE chapter level. Our staff member Mr. Murgaboopathy has been awarded as the "Best ISTE Chapter" award for the year 2006-07.



       Faculty Adviser: Mr.V.Saravanan, LECT/CT Our students are getting more benefits through the ISTE students' chapter by participating in various technical symposia, seminars, workshops and quiz competitions conducted by our Institution and other various Institutions and getting medals and certificates.  

Achievements (2008-2009)

Our College students of Civil Egg department have participated in various colleges' technical Symposia and won first prizes.






P.A.C.R Polytechnic College, Rajapalayam


G.Vignesh Kumar
V.Marimuthu pandian

Paper presentation


Ramakrishna Mission Vidhyalaya Polytechnic College, Coimbatore.


G.Vignesh Kumar
V.Marimuthu pandian

Paper presentation


Bharath Polytechnic College. Namakkal.


G.Vignesh Kumar
V.Marimuthu pandian

Paper presentation& Quiz


Thiagarajar Polytechnic College, Salem.


G.Vignesh Kumar
V.Marimuthu pandian

Paper presentation


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