Institution of Engineers

Institution of Engineers (India)

IE (I) students' chapter has been effectively functioning in our Polytechnic College since 04.02.2005. The chapter activities are going on with the constant support and encouragement given by the staff members. The following are the office bearers of this chapter.

  • Faculty Advisor: Mrs. S. Sivagami, Senior Lecturer / ECE.
  • Student Convener: Selvan. P. Kaliraj , III Year Mech
  • Members: 616 Students.

Highlights of our IE (I) students' Chapter

  • 1) Our IE(I) students' chapter has been selected as one of the best chapters and the IE(I) students' chapter advisor Mrs. R. Dhanalakshmi, Sr.Lectr./ECE was honoured during the Annual General Meeting of the Institution of Engineers(India), Madurai Local Centre on 25.10.2008
  • 2) The IE (I) students' chapter Adviser Mrs. R. Dhanalakshmi, Sr.Lectr./ECE has been elected to the All India Students' Committee (AISC) for the session (2008-2009) as a representative of the Advisor of the students' chapter
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