Exam Cell

              In order to schedule our examination system well in advance, we have a separate examination cell with the following cell members.

  • 1. Exam Cell Officer: Mr.S. Kalasalingam, SL/physics.
  • 2. Cell Coordinators:  Mr. P. Kalasalingam, Lecturer / physics.


               The cell prepares the tentative time table for the whole academic year and conducts the various monthly and model examinations as per the schedule. It also facilitates the faculty members to prepare the test report and maintains the attendance and performance of the students in an orderly manner.



Board Examinations for all the Diploma Courses are being conducted in the following pattern:

Year ⁄ Semester

Span of Study


I,III, & V Semester.

June – September


II, IV & VI Semester.

November – March



Sessional Marks

               The sessional marks in all the subjects will be awarded on the basis of continuous internal assessment earned during the semester concerned. For each subject 25 marks are allotted for the sessional marks and 75 marks are allotted for the Board Examination.

The sessional marks are distributed as follows:

(i) Attendance* 5 marks
(ii) Assignment 10 marks
(iii) Test 10 marks
  25 marks


*Award of marks for attendance will be as per the range given below:


  • 80%- 83%      1 mark
  • 84%-87%      2 marks
  • 88%-91%      3 marks
  • 92%- 95%      4 marks
  • 96%- 100%      5 marks



Requirements to appear for Examinations

A candidate will be permitted to appear for the Board's Examinations, only if:

  • (i) he / she secures 80% attendance in the semester concerned.
  • (ii) he / she earns a progress certificate from the Head of the Department for satisfactorily completing the course of study as required by the regulations, and
  • (iii) his / her conduct was satisfactory during the course of study.


Requirement of pass in Examinations

                A student shall be declared to have passed the examination in a subject if he/she secures not less than 40% in Theory/Drawing subject and 50% in practical subject including both the Sessional and the Board Examination marks put together, subject to the condition that he/she has secured at least a minimum of 30 marks out of 75marks in the Board Theory/Drawing and a minimum of 35 marks out of 75 marks in the Board Practical Examination.


Classification of successful candidates:

Classification of candidates who pass out final examination is being done as specified below:


              A candidate will be declared to have passed in First Class with Honours if he / she secures not less than 75% of the aggregate marks in all semesters put together, except first year and passes all the above semesters in the first appearance itself and completes all papers including that of first year within three years.



            A candidate will be declared to have passed in First Class if he / she secures not less than 60% of the aggregate marks in all semesters put together, except first year and completes all papers including that of first year within three years.



All other successful candidates will be declared to have passed in Second Class.


               A student who had discontinued his / her studies in the middle of a semester or who had not appeared for Board Examination of current semester of study can apply and get readmission in the same semester in the following or subsequent academic years if he / she desire to complete the Course and satisfies the following conditions:

  • (i) The candidate should not have exhausted the total period of study permitted (SIX years from the year of admission in first year)
  • (ii) He / She, on readmission, should be able to complete his / her full course of study within the above stipulated total period. A candidate who had discontinued his / her studies continuously or in spells for more than 3 years shall not be recommended for readmission.
  • (iii) A candidate who had received his / her transfer certificate (T.C.) on his / her own from one Institution without getting proper transfer orders from the office of Chairman, Board of Examination, can not apply for readmission to any other Institution. He / She have to be readmitted only in the old Institution and application for transfer to any other Institution has to be submitted through the parent Institution only.
  • (iv) A candidate who had been expelled from one Institution, for any reason, shall not be admitted into any other Institution.
  • (v) A candidate who had been debarred from writing Board's Examinations for his / her involvement in any malpractice shall not be allowed to continue his / her studies or readmitted in any other institution until the period of punishment is over.
  • (vi) Readmissions are not permissible in First year for regular students and in third semester for lateral entry students, who have not written any Board Examination, before their discontinuance of study. They have to forego their candidature and seek admission again afresh.


Change of Branch

            The students are informed that the branch of study they choose during their admission in first year is final and it cold not be changed during the second year of study.

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