Department of Science & Humanities

About the Department

                  The Department of science and humanities was established in the year 1983. The department is excellently functioning with annual intake of 420. The department teaches the foundation courses like English, Applied Mathematics, Applied Chemistry, Engineering Graphics, (Technical Drawing) etc. for two semesters (one year). The department students are divided into seven sections ie A, B, C, D, E, F and G, each section having the capacity of 60 students. The department has well qualified and experienced faculties to impart the students about the basics of engineering concepts through theory as well the practical classes.


           After successful completion of the first two semesters (I & II semesters) ie., for one year in this department, the students are promoted to the respective engineering / technology departments like Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical & Electronics Engineering, Electronics & Communication Engineering, Computer Engineering, and Information Technology to undergo the courses for further four semester( III, IV, V & VI semesters) ie for two years.


                  The students are made to undergo a 'Bridge Course' compulsorily for fifteen days at the beginning of the first semester, in order to improve their knowledge in English language, Mathematics, Basic science of Physics, Chemistry and Computer.



The department has excellent infrastructures to learn about the applied sciences (Physics, Chemistry and Computer) and also engineering fundamentals (Technical Drawing and Workshops).

It includes the following laboratories / Workshops

  • 1. Applied Physics Lab
  • 2. Applied Chemistry Lab
  • 3. Basics of Computer Science Lab
  • 4. Workshops ( Fitting, Sheet Metal & Wiring)
  • 5. English Communication Practice Lab

            The English Communication Practice Lab is having Hi-Tech systems, both audio and video, to learn about listening skill, conversation, speaking skill through audio and video conferencing. This lab teaches the communication practice in English for the II / III year engineering / technology students.



            The department is striving hard to develop the basic knowledge of science, engineering and language of the Ist year students.

          Through the IE(I) and ISTE students chapters, the department conducts programmes like paper presentation (Science & Engineering), Seminars, Qui z contests, Model making contests etc.

Also, the department conducts various other programmes like

  • 1. Personality Development
  • 2. Communication Skill
  • 3. Yoga Practice
  • 4. Cultural Programmes
  • 5. Social Service Programmes etc.
 in order to inoculants the hidden talents of the students.  

             The faculties are undergoing various Seminars, Workshops, and Science Conferences every semester to upgrade their knowledge.

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